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Our first camper purchase was a modest travel trailer with a bunk house from a Dealer near our Lake Norman home in NC. The Dealer wasn't very personable, and we left feeling nervous and unsure of what we had gotten in to. Greg and I purchased it in February 2016 and took our first camping trip in it for a month, between June and July of 2016 in Michigan with our Grandsons. It was a lot of fun but not much space. There were several issues we were unhappy with and we took it back while under warranty to help correct some of our problems. We even went so far as to purchase a bigger truck for hauling, because our original vehicle was really not substantial even though we were told it would be perfect. As soon as we got it back, we took our second camping trip to Mt. Pleasant, SC. We needed to give the camper a second chance and we needed to recuperate from the visit with our Grandsons. 

While I was enjoying Isle of Palms beautiful beach, Greg was steady searching on the internet for a better camper. We agreed we needed more. Its July, Its hot, the little air conditioner was barely spitting air, and we cant pass each other in our camper without practically sticking to each other!

Greg finds several models that we are interested in. We are ready to trade up, pay cash and exchange before we even leave the beach! He spoke to two different locations, and we were made all kinds of promises over the phone. But when we got to these big box Dealerships we again felt pressured and frustrated. No one was open to a decent trade, and they gave vague answers to all of our questions. The fact that some of the campers offered to us were manufactured by the same company as our little camper didn't make us feel very comfortable with the quality and warranty situation.

We decided that it would have to be a Jayco because of the way they are built and the two-year warranty. Greg and I drove straight to The Trail Center. There we met Jay. Jay answered all of our questions and even confirmed a few with Gloria (Wait till you Meet Gloria! Very impressive!)

We agreed on a trade value for the old camper, and shopped for our next camper. We chose a JayFlight for many reasons, and we sat down and discussed our options. This is a family business. No one was rushing us, and we didnt feel pressured to make a decision that we may regret later.

We literally went back to the campground in SC picked up the little camper. We unloaded from our old camper into our new JayFlight right there on The Trail Center parking lot.

We have just returned from over 10,000 miles (this is not a typo) of camping across the US including Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Route 66, the Grand Canyon, Texas and more! We ended back in Michigan with our Grandchildren. It was a wonderful time, absolutely NO ISSUES! WE LOVE THE JAYCO and have already made plans to be back in SC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Trail Center.

We appreciate the Service that we received upon purchase to help us get started with our new lifestyle!
Thank you so much to Jay, Gloria and the Staff at The Trail Center. It was a fun surprise to find a tin of cookies to enjoy from you as soon as we walked in the door from our wonderful camping vacation!

-Greg and Jane LaVoy
Denver, NC

-We finally purchased a camper! Thanks to all the wonderful people that let us wander through various campers over the last year. Special thanks to Gloria and Judy helping us with all our questions. You have a great staff and everyone is always pleasant.

-John and Linda Caddell
Hanahan, SC

-We have gone through the process of selling our house and contents, waiting lists for campgrounds and The Trail Center has been so good to us. They kept our RV for us until we could pick it up yesterday. They have our trust and have done everything we asked. We wish we could take them on the road with us.

-Renee and Dan Roth
Jacksonville, FL

-The Trail Center treated us great! Gloria and Jay are excellent people and strive to please their customers. They worked hard to fit our needs! I am a happy customer! Highly recommend!

-Kenneth Hamby
Charleston, SC

-Great business and staff!! Had repair work done day before Thanksgiving last year. New hitch fixed in 2 hours. Saved our Thanksgiving. Recently traded to a Jayco that we love. Can't wait for spring to go camping. Judy is great and has a bubbly personality. Eddie and Matt are top-notch service techs. Gloria, you have a super business and will have us as great full customers forever. Thanks for the extra bonus of the cookies.

-Ray Corde
Summerville, SC

The Trail Center is so easy to deal with. There were no lies and no pressure. The difference of dealing with a local family owned dealership and a national chain is so obvious here. We just purchased our first travel trailer here and everything went so smoothly. I highly recommend that if you have been shopping that you go here before you buy. The staff is very helpful with your purchase but never make you feel like you need to buy. I would call the staff here consultants instead of sales people. Thanks again Jay.

-David and Casey Strickland
Summerville, SC

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